Could you see yourself in a holiday home in time for the next bank holiday?

Thinking about buying a holiday home? Here’s a few things to consider

When we hear the words holiday home, they conjure up images of the sea, mountains, or forests, perhaps in exotic locations where everything seems perfect somehow. Many people are choosing to buy holiday homes in the UK despite being able to travel freely again. It’s an appealing prospect: returning again and again to a place that you love. The UK has so much beautiful scenery to offer and vibrant cities packed with culture to explore and enjoy. There is also the very appealing option of letting your holiday home, which could mean your holiday home pays for itself.

You have lots of options

Holiday homes come in all shapes and sizes. There are many stunning holiday homes located in myriad locations. From the Peak District, peering over the blue sea of the south coast on a summer’s day, or hiding in the Highlands of Scotland, to mention a few. But there are also properties of all types scattered in towns and cities that, at first glance, you might not have considered up until now as a holiday home. So it’s worth keeping an open mind when choosing the right holiday home for you.

No booking or paying for hotels

You will no longer have to worry about forking out or taking time to book a hotel, saving money during the holiday season when prices are at a premium. And even if you love nothing more than travelling and staying in hotels across the globe, perhaps your holiday home may contribute towards the costs of your various adventures.

Tax advantages

Holiday homes are a tax-efficient way to purchase property, as they can be classified as a business and not an investment. This means you can include mortgage interest costs as a deductible expense when calculating your tax bill.

Great returns

Holiday homes can be very lucrative. During the height of the holiday season, you could charge the equivalent of a month’s rent, for a two week let. This means that if your holiday home is not booked all year round, you still achieve good annual returns, giving you a chance to enjoy or possibly improve it.

The social scene

Inviting family and friends to your holiday home can make for a better social life if it’s easier and cheaper to get to than other alternatives. Adding to this, the ready-made social scene that awaits you in your chosen location will give you the chance to forge new relationships.

It could mean you get more holiday time

If your holiday home is easier and less expensive to get to, then chances are you will make the most of this, and you can enjoy long weekends and bank holidays on short and long breaks more often. This will add to your quality of life, which will contribute to your health and wellbeing.

Holiday let managed service

A good tip is to consider a managed service, which could take care of everything from bookings, maintenance, cleaning, and gardening. Allowing you to enjoy great returns and create some great memories with minimum effort.

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