We spell out the myriad of opportunities to create a buy-to-let portfolio for a great return on investment.

Take a look at the fresh buy-to-let investment opportunities this spring

Summer is nearly here, and the opportunities to expand your property portfolio or take your first steps on the buy-to-let ladder are vast. So take a glance at some of the following great reasons why now is the time to make a great investment.

Demand is soaring

The demand for rented property is huge and continues to grow, with demand spiking by 250% above the five year average per available rental home last year.*

It’s old news and new news! The demand for rented property is huge. With people taking longer to get on the property ladder. Long-term demand due to the shortage of rental property will remain strong for a long time.

Rents are increasing

Your investment is secure. Rents have increased by 20% in the past three years, increasing by 11.1% in the past twelve months to March 2023.* The buy-to-let industry can be very lucrative, and with higher demand, higher rent revenues can be achieved. This allows you to invest in your property and meet legislative changes when it comes to making homes greener.

Buy-to-let mortgage choice is increasing

Expanding your portfolio can be easily financed. There are over 2,400 different mortgage deals available if you are buying a property to let!* So you have lots of options. There is talk of interest rates coming down, and while they are currently higher than they have been for the past few years, slowly but surely they are falling, which means you can expand using equity in your existing property to buy.

A bigger choice of properties

With some landlords retiring, there is a large choice of ready-to-let rental properties coming to the market. The standard of homes has generally risen, with many sprouting up for sale at this busy time of year. Many people put off moving in the latter part of 2022 and, during the pandemic, spent a lot of time and money getting their homes in tip-top shape. This means there have never been so many great houses on the market that are ideal for the rental market.

Greener, more energy efficient compact homes

Renters are now more concerned about their monthly energy bills, and if your rental property is energy efficient, it will enjoy even more demand compared with less energy-efficient properties. Getting ahead of the legislation and creating greener homes is really just stepping into the future. So making your home more energy-efficient today will save you money tomorrow.

The age range of renters is changing

The population in the UK is ageing, and unlike the past, older people are renting now as much as younger people starting out on their property journey. This is yet another great opportunity to meet the demand for a niche in the market by targeting this sector.

Holiday lets

With so many tourists now travelling to the UK and so many people choosing to holiday at home, there is always great demand for holiday homes. And the good news is that you can charge a very healthy sum, which makes for a great investment.

Student sector

With more overseas students needing a place to rent, demand here has accelerated rapidly in recent years. This creates yet another opportunity among many to expand and launch your buy-to-let portfolio.

The property buying market

Homes are selling well right now, particularly smaller homes, but if you want to buy a bigger home in the current market conditions, you will have more scope to negotiate when making an offer. Larger properties are full of potential to earn great levels of rent revenue or could be developed into flats or smaller properties, increasing your rent revenue streams.

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