Save on your energy bills while making your rented property greener.

A guide to making your rented property greener

It’s a great time to rent! Beautiful properties can’t help but make you feel good. And with more rights for tenants than ever before and so many of us becoming more environmentally aware, you want to feel good about doing your bit for the planet while saving a few pounds on your monthly outgoings. So here are a few tips to do just that!

Switch energy suppliers

If you pay the bills in your rented property, you are entitled to change energy suppliers. If you can find a cheaper deal, go for it. Certain energy suppliers can help reduce your carbon footprint and could save you money.

Energy-efficient appliances

Perhaps you own certain appliances in your rented property. By choosing more energy-efficient products, you can save money. The higher the rating, the more you will save. If appliances need to be replaced by your landlord, request appliances graded A or B.

LED bulbs and solar lighting for the garden

Sometimes it’s the cumulative effect of lots of little things that makes a big difference. LED light bulbs and lights are far more efficient than standard bulbs and will last for years.

Shower head

Costing about £20 and easy to swap for an older, less efficient shower head, you could request that you swap an older shower head and save on your water bill.

Getting into good habits

Keep radiators clear

Blocking radiators can drastically reduce the heat they produce. Consider moving the couch if it’s blocking your radiator, and then you will not need to turn the heat on so much.

Draught excluders

Not particularly expensive, and as soft furnishing, you are adding a personal touch to your rooms. You could be amazed at how much heat they could retain as heat escapes underneath your doors.

Save water

Install a water metre or simply save water where you can. Install a water butt and collect rainwater when it comes to nurturing your plants, flowers, and trees.

Blackout curtains

These don’t just make for a great night’s sleep by blocking out light; they also keep the heat in.


A nice rug will not only look nice but also add an extra layer of insulation to the floor, particularly on laminate flooring.

Green choices


Make sure you recycle as much as possible. Simply putting plastics and recyclables in the correct bins makes a big difference to our beautiful planet.

Make your own furniture

Instead of buying new furniture, save some money and restore old furniture. This is on trend, and in most cases, you can buy some real bargains online, then paint and refinish them in non-traditional colours while adding real style to your home.

Use less chemicals

By using cleaning products that are not as chemical-heavy, you may save money because you can substitute them for products that may already be sitting in your larder, like white vinegar!

Talk to your landlord

Many landlords are interested in making their rental properties greener, so don’t be afraid to ask! It’s in their interest to improve insulation, fit smart metres, use better lighting, use energy-efficient appliances, and anything else you may think of.

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